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Hot rolled coils are processed in a continuous pickling line where scale is removed. A clean surface is essential to the cold rolling and subsequent processes to achieve the desired qualities of the surface.

Cold Rolling

Pickled coils are rolled in a cold reduction mill where they are reduced to specific thickness. Cold reduction mills are controlled by process computers, and since TCRSS’s mill is one of the most advanced designs, coils are rolled to the closest dimensional tolerances.

Electrolytic Cleaning

TCRSS employs a highly efficient electrolytic cleaning system for removing the cold rolling lubricant from the strip. This vital operation is carefully controlled to ensure that no lubricant is left on the steel; as oily substances decompose during annealing and remain in the steel surface as residues which will both impair the surface and affect subsequent surface-treating processes. Degreasing is, therefore, essential in producing cold strip with good surface.


Cold rolling causes steel to become hard and brittle. To obtain the desired microstructure and improve mechanical properties, the cold rolled strip is annealed at the suitable temperatures. TCRSS employs 100% Hydrogen atmosphere annealing facilities. Coils can achieve homogeneous qualities and higher production rate due to higher heat transfer.

Temper Rolling

The annealed coils are processed by the temper mill. This process applies light pressure to the strip to improve the flatness, to impart the desired surface finish, and to prevent the occurrence of stretcher strains during forming and deep drawing.


After temper rolling, the coils are recoiled to specified weight. Rust-preventive oil may be applied upon customer request. And for full-hard coil, tension leveler applies light pressure to the strip to improve the flatness.

Tests and Inspections

The quality of each TCRSS cold rolled coil is ensured by a series of tests and inspections. Dimensions and surface conditions are thoroughly inspected, and various mechanical tests are conducted on specimens taken from coils.

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