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Procurement   Policy

The procurement of goods and services shall be according to the Company’s requirement with the best conditions and most appropriate, transparency, and can be verified at all step with the following principles:
1) Specification, quantity, price, budget, and other conditions shall be considered to ensure suitability, systematic process, controllability, and consistency with production, maintenance, and operation of the Company for the procurement of goods and services.
2) The procurement of goods and services with realization to the society, nature and environment.
3) Goods and services shall be procured from identifiable, reliable, and legal vendors.
4) To support local vendors, affiliated company, and subsidiary which provide goods and services with quality as industrial standards.
5) The procurement shall be carried out with transparency and verification at all steps.
6) The procurement shall be conducted in a way to promote and maintain good relationship between the Company and the vendors.
7) Shall not procure with vendors which characteristics or tendency to be dishonest, cheat or defraud the Company.
8) Shall not procure illegal goods and services.
Following code of conduct is set up as a guideline for all concerns and the Company to ensure appropriate, good governance manners, efficient procurement and maintain the Company’s good image.
1) Shall consider for the most beneficiary for the Company and no illegality.
2) Do not accept or call for any advantages in return in order to assist any vendors to receive the orders.
3) Refrain from doing businesses or transactions inconsistent with the Company’s benefit.
4) Do not receive bribes, gifts, presents, and special favorites such as:
4.1) Acceptance of gifts or presents
Concerning to procurement works, the acceptance of gifts or presents is a violation of code of conduct and indicates of the bribe acts. However, giving low-value gifts not exceeding than 2,000 Baht or souvenirs during special occasion, such as calendar, diary, or stationery / snacks during New Year shall not be considered as accepting of bribe. In case of exceeding than 2,000 Baht, the written report to supervisor is required and must carry on those to the Center unit for beneficiary to the Company in further.
4.2) Participation entertain party
Participation of entertain party shall be considered on appropriation basis and must try to avoid unnecessary event. If considering necessary to participate, it is better to share the host turning and must obtain approval from supervisor. Allowing vendor to providing for any entertain activities shall be considered as violation of code of conduct.
4.3) Special favoritism
Try to avoid obtaining close relationship with any vendors, which may cause other’s suspect of unfair activities, especially, it may cause other vendor’s misunderstanding and decide not to participate in any bidding. Moreover, the Company’s image may be damaged if this situation may be relayed to other people.
5) Do not make any business agreement at any other places apart from the office of the Company or the office of vendor.
6) An officer shall not exercise the power assigned to him/her or others with the purpose to gain any benefits from vendors or the Company for himself, his nominee, and his family.
7) Treat all vendors fairly, transparently, and equally.
8) Do not disclose the Company’s information or secret concerning business or any matters.
9) Do not disseminate any information, which may cause damage to the Company and the vendors.
10) Do not use any method that may lead vendors to misunderstand the real intention of the purchase.

Quality   Policy

               Management’s basic Quality Policy is the commitment to ensure that we can respond to our customer’s satisfaction. To accomplish this, the Management Team and I have established Quality Management System that complied with ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 Quality Standard and is based on our Quality policy that is “Provide customer high quality products with punctual delivery and good service”
               All of TCRSS’ employees cooperate continuously for improvement and maintenance of this Quality Management System under safe working conditions. TCRSS have the following objectives to achieve this manner.
1. Increase customer’s satisfaction.
2. Reduce customer claim ratio.
3. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of production process.
4. Control product design and production in accordance with the quality standard
5. Achieve delivery plan of sales.
6. Continuously review and improve the quality system.

Environmental   Policy

               The Thai Cold Rolled Steel Public Company Limited is a leader in the supply of Cold rolled steel sheet in Coil products for industry in both domestic and overseas. We recognize that our processes, do have an impact on the environment during manufacture. We are committed to minimizing these impacts throughout our management as the first priority.
The Company will therefore:-
• Set objectives and targets to demonstrate continual improvement in environmental performance.
• Seek to prevent pollution in all areas of the factory through effective control.
• Provide training and education of our employees in order that day understand the policy objectives and can perform safety, efficiently minimum harm to the environment.
• Ensure all contractors and sub-contractor operate in line with the principles of our environmental policy.
• Meet all legislation requirements and, wherever possible, go beyond these requirements.
• Continue promotion energy saving and use energy efferently and reduce gas emissions.
• Cooperate with our neighbors, the general public, government, stakeholder for improving the environment.
• Continue to communicate our environmental policy, the activities relating to environmental promotion public communication to our social responsibility.

Energy   Management   Policy

               The Thai Cold Rolled Steel Public Company Limited is a manufacturer that produces cold rolled steel sheet products for customers both domestic and international markets. The Company realizes the importance of nature resources consumption and impact to environment. Therefore, the Company considers its great importance to manage the effectiveness of the energy utilization for production cost reduction and to promote the sustainable resource utilization and environment preservation
               Therefore, the Company strives to manage the energy preservation for the most effectiveness and benefit of energy utilization with the following procedures.
1. To handle the development of company energy management systems being consistent to related law and regulations.
2. To continually improve energy performance appropriately and effectively and aims for energy saving and cost reduction.
3. To continually review the energy preservation target and procedures and communicate to all employees for proper comprehension and participation.
4. The Company recognizes that all executives and employees shall proceed and participate in energy preservation activities and regard as normal duty performing.
5. To appropriately provide the resource, personal, budget, and other necessary facilities and to provide constant training and campaign for motivation of awareness.
6. To provide suitable facilities or service support in order to improve energy performance.
7. To review and develop the Company energy management every year.

Security   Measures   Policy

               Thai Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Public Company Limited is a manufacturer that produces cold rolled steel sheet products for customers both domestic and international markets. The Company realizes that good security controls are important especially for logistics and transportation. Thereby, being certified by Customs of each country indicates that the company complies with law and regulations and international security standards by considering employees, shippers, exporters, ports, airports, business partners, etc. which provides confidence and assurance on the security of the company.
               Therefore, the Company specifies the policy on the security measures for developing the security controls, including to apply and to improve for reliability and efficiency as follows;
1. Premise Security and Access Control
The Company provides security system to prevent unauthorized or unconcerned person to entrance inside or outside the building.
2. Personnel Security
The Company regularly has the procedures of employees’ selection and monitoring. Moreover, employees are trained about the organization’s security policy.
3. Trading Partner Security
The Company has coordinated with business partners both in the country and overseas in order to encourage to increase the security measures willingly.
4. Cargo Security
To determine the written policy and procedure about handling and verification, such as delivery – receiving procedures, storage, and inventory control etc.
5. Conveyance Security
The Company regularly has measure inspection conveyance and arranges safe zone for parking in order to prevent intrusion or access without permission, including monitoring conveyance that transfers the products both inside and outside organization.
6. Information and IT Security
The Company has measure data security (both document and electronic) for organization and concerned party to prevent abuse or amendment without permission.
7. Incident management and Investigation
The Company has implemented emergency plans to concerned departments in case of risk or incident, including determine the procedure to prevent it happened again.
8. Crisis Management and Incident Recovery
The Company has managed and correctives when crisis incident, including actions plan which reduce the impact occurred.

Code   of   Conduct

               Above the existing policy, systems, modernize and proper technology and competent and orderly employee, the Company believes that the Company shall achieve the highest success of the business goals by conducting business with ethics and integrity for the growth a longevity in business of the Company. So it is the most necessary for every level of the employee including Directors, to conduct in business through ethical practices and the professional manner that respect the good ethical practices and the professional manner that respect the god ethical conduct in the way of creating and comply with the philosophy and ethics when conducting the Company’s business.
               The Company requires all employees and directors to comply with “Code of Conduct” on a regular basis, respect and adhere to the employee’s principles and create a corporate culture that leading to the highest glory and the success of the Company and all employee forever.
Code of Conduct is significant as follows;
1. Harassment
Employee is responsible to keep work environment free of harassment. The harassment destroys and impairs work proficiency. The characteristics f the harassment include underestimation against the others that are illegal action so employees have to responsible for their own behavior and do not tolerate any harassment of the others.
2. Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity
Employee should always realize that business success based on admitting value and equal supporting to each other. Employee should contribute and maintain of the unanimity in workplace that everybody has equal opportunity in competency development and capability approach for work. Employee have to practice in those same guidelines to all customers according to the Company’s policy, related laws and regulations and respect for human right.
3. Workplace Safety, Alcohol and Drug Use, Workplace Violence, Weapons
Health and safety of employees, Executives, Directors, Customers, Vendors, Contractors and other third parties in relation to the Company’s activities are essential above all others. Employees should realize the impact of daily performance with the Company operations and will not place themselves or the others at risk situation inappropriately besides, employees should feel safe and secure in the workplace or during their works so every employees should regard the important of safety in the workplace also.
4. Fair Competition
The Company has trade competitive mission to strictly comply with laws by offering products and services with quality to maintain customers, suppliers including trade competitor’s trust by doing business with ethics and integrity. The Company’s business must comply with related laws and regulations. Employee as a responsibility to know the Company’s standards, related laws including the applicable laws and regulations that will be notified and may impact on his/her duties in the future.

Risk   Management

               To ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the risk management within the company in accordance with the good corporate governance principle by managing and prioritizing events and uncertainty that could impact to the company’s objectives, the company has reviewed and determined the Enterprise Risk Management Policy and Manual to be used as a guideline in active throughout the company.
“Enterprise Risk Management Policy”
1. The Company determines roles and responsibilities of all Executives and employees for risk control and develop risk management within the organization including make understandings of duties in risk management.
2. Provide the effective risk management in the Company in every function of activities according to the Good Corporate Governance principle to increase the achievement of success and reduce the uncertainty in the operations.
3. Monitor and support the effective risk management in the organization by using the limited resource at hand effectively relating to the risk identification, assessment, and management properly.
4. Promote risk management to be the organizational culture and all employees realize the significant of risk management.

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