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Extra Effort Makes the Difference

Thai Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Public Company Limited has defined Vision in the previous business plans and tried to deploy it to all employees. However, unless it has been recognized, delivered, and actualized in each division, Vision, Mission and Values can only be a nice motto or slogan.

According to assessment and feedback from all stakeholders, the Company has reviewed the Vision to be “To be the excellent cold rolled steel mill with excellent teamwork to contribute excellent benefits to all Stakeholders and Society” to be a principle guideline of the Company goal. Especially, to be the excellent cold rolled steel mill, the most important factor is our staff who will drive everything. So the Company has added wording “with excellent teamwork” in the Vision, which needs the mutual cooperation between the Company and employees to make it happened thoroughly in the organization and developed continuously.

As I always emphasize on all opportunities of the mutual achievement and growth, with excellent teamwork who are engaged with hard working, Company can achieve success and better business goals. It’s certain that the more growth Company has, the more of ability to continue rewarding and improving the working employment condition for the employees. In new Vision, then the word “excellent” is also added in “to contribute excellent benefits to all Stakeholders and Society”. “Stakeholders” also cover employees who are ranked in the top priority.

To let employees understand, realize and implement these as well as provide good cooperation in all Company’s activities concerning Vision, Mission including Values, all executives and managers of each division are expected to be the role model to deploy and drive the Company’s Vision, Mission and Values to lead the Company to be sustainably excellent in every area.

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