Safety Hygiene and Environmental Activities

Our company complies with the sustainable business implementation by not only focusing on profits but also considering the importance of safety in the plant, safety in work procedure and hygiene for the employees. More importantly, we have determination and sincerity in controlling and protecting the environment from any impact caused by our business which may affect the surroundings of nearby communities. We also manage our resources in order to utilize them to the maximum efficiency and benefits.

Besides, our company gives precedence to the climate change affected by burning the Fossil Fuel which is an important global problem nowadays. Knowing that Fossil Fuel, which is a main source of energy in developing the industry in the past, is the major cause of rapid increment of Green House Gas intensity in the atmosphere, which in turn creates the Greenhouse Effect or the Global Warming, affecting the survivability of all creatures. The company regards it as the main mission to participate in lessening the occurrence of such phenomenon by initiating many projects to correspond and support these concepts.

Environmental Procedure and Resources Usage Management

Our company practices environmental care and resources usage management within the following main topics.

1) Waste Water Treatment Our company treats the two kinds of wastewater originated during our work process; wastewater from consumption and wastewater from production process. Both kinds of wastewater are brought to the treatment processes to meet the requirement of quality standard and concerned compliances. Throughout the years, our company has greatly succeeded in recirculating the water in the production process and controlling the system for Zero Discharge, not draining any wastewater from the plant.

2) Air Pollution Treatment Our company realizes the impact of air pollution in production process where fuel is used for heat power. We set the standard procedures to control the air pollution emitted from the plant, including the countermeasures for polluting gas treatment of the Acid Recovery unit for recycling usage, by water reversing in Cold Rolled Coil Plant. This results in the company having lower and better air pollution emission rate into the atmosphere than the standard measurement the government requires.

3) Waste Disposal Our company gives precedence to recycling. We bring in the principles of decreasing polluting waste from sources and apply it to the company’s waste disposal management. This results in a huge quantity of polluting waste being brought back to reuse or to sell as raw materials for other productions. One of our company’s proudest achievements is effective management of the waste disposal, which has a big impact to the environment.

4) Energy Reservation and Resources Conservation Our company has participated in energy reservation projects with the Department of Energy Compensation and Reservation since 2007 until present. With the Management support, strict implementation by the sub-committee and the attention to the employee’s suggestions result in successful energy reservation and resources conservation. We also earned Prime Minister’s Industry Award for Energy Management in 2009, 2012 which is a good proof of our intentions.

5) Atmospheric Environment and Pollution Emission Assessment Our company complies strictly and continuously with the measures in decreasing the impact to the atmospheric environment and in environmental quality assessment presented in analysis report of environment impact. According to the past year’s assessment, none of the results has exceeded the standard required. The company has reported to and consulted closely with the responsible government agency to assure that the company’s environment management is always strictly under the control and supervision from of government departments.

6) Information Sharing and Environmental Activities Organizing with the Community Our company set up a sub-committee to propagate environmental information to the community and the public, in order to publicize the facts about the company’s operation, especially the company’s activities concerning with the environment of community. Company also set up joint projects with local schools and teachers in order to let students know and understand how to save the environment and keep an eye on natural resources in the area. The project has been successful and received good participation from the community.

Process of Decreasing Impact on Climate Change

Our company, the biggest steel manufacturer in Thailand, has envisioned and realized the importance of Climate Change problem and has managed to decrease the impact of climate change by setting up many projects and activities corresponding to the policy of participation in social and environmental development, which is one of the company’s strategies to accomplish the mission “To Conserve natural environment for the community”, whose details are as follows;

• Efficiency improvement in Production Process

Our company has continuously been improving the efficiency in production process since year 2007. We have set projects and implemented many measures, 36 projects in total, which yields an apparent result in decreasing energy consumption. The company currently reduces the use of fuel for more than 40 million liters per year and reduces the use of electrical power for more than 30 percent compared to before the improvement, which is equivalent to 656,916 Ton decrement of CO2 emission from the production process .

From 2007 to present, the company conducts a study on the Waste Heat Recovery, where surplus energy from production process is circulated for reuse in producing electrical power and steam power. This is expected to dramatically reduce the energy consumption and Greenhouse gas emission.

Production Process Control

In production, our company emphasizes on production planning to get the result in using energy and resources to the highest efficiency by concretely reducing the amount of energy used and reducing fuel consumption continuously, which also means that the Greenhouse gas emitted into the atmosphere is further reduced. This implementation remains the important goal and is on continuous improvement.

• Policy in Waste Management

Our company always realizes the necessity and importance of energy consumption reduction and waste management and how they affect the company’s usage of energy in general. We start from reducing the waste in production process and recycling the waste to reuse in other forms as much as possible. We also give precedence to the Reuse and Recycle for the benefits of reducing the energy usaged in transforming the raw material to new products and using waste to compensate the fossil fuel energy and leaving burying waste disposal as the last option for company’s waste management.

Such direction in waste management leads to the company’s policy in waste management. Waste disposal methods which allow reuse, recycle, reproduce as raw material in other production processes, and reenergize are the guidelines for company to consider on waste management, opting to the choice with highest benefits from the waste. Furthermore, the company gives precedence to the selection of waste disposal service providers. The providers’ implementation must be comply with the law and regulations and must not affect the environment, and the processes of waste disposal must also be in line with the company’s policy.

• Setting up the department and participating in related projects with outside organizations

In 2007, the company has set up the management committee to reduce the climate change and let the committee be responsible mainly in project management and planning for related framework. In addition, the company has also participated in projects with various departments that are responsible in promoting the reduction of Greenhouse gas emission such as;

  • Project to develop greenhouse gas protocol for strategic and operational tool with Department of Industrial Works
  • Energy Management System in accordance with the guideline of Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) with King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Thonburi.
  • Project to implement Life Cycle Assessment database of steel with Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand.
  • Memorandum of understanding with Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency for energy conservation campaign scheme Voluntary Agreement: Energy Beyond Standards.

Safety and Hygiene Implementation

Our company believes that accidents, injuries, and illness caused by working can be avoided by mutual cooperation from everyone in the organization. Safety Hygiene and Environment committee consisting of the employee representatives and company representatives, thus, has been appointed to be the mainstay for the safety and hygiene implementation, determined by department of Safety and Environment with the Safety officers, 3 professional level persons, as supporting team. Moreover, the company has implemented the training and appointed 123 Safety officers of Supervisory level and 41 Safety officers of Executive level to spread across every of the departments in the organization as a cooperating network to take care of the company’s safety and hygiene implementation, which affect to the company’s safety and hygiene management and is certified by ISO 18001 efficiently. Until today, the safety activities that have been implemented are as follows;


  • 1) To review the risk and danger assessment, including initiating and reviewing the procedures and analysis of the safety in works of all departments, along with setting up the control standard.
  • 2) To improve safety standard and hygiene during work.
  • 3) To improve the emergency plan, evacuation plan and emergency simulation, and to inspect the readiness of tools and practice Emergency Preparedness and response in sub-areas and annual practice.
  • 4) To improve the fire extinguishing system in plant and to inspect and prepare tools for phase of plant expansion to be in line with compliance and concerned standard.
  • 5) To appoint safety committee to take responsibility of risk areas for fire.
  • 6) To continuously inspect and assess the safety within the plant, including places, tools and work instruction by project of Safety Patrol.
  • 7) To communicate safety by initiating electronic news letters, safety lessons, and safety news to all employees and all parties concerned, both inside and outside of the plant.
  • 8) To hold an exhibition, seminar, safety and hygiene quizzing competition, and SHE (Safety Hygiene and Environment) Week for staffs and the interested public, in order to encourage all parties to realize the importance of SHE implementation.
9) Project “Wear the Helmet” in accordance to plan of safety after working hours.

Our Responsibility to the Community and Society

For so many years, Thai Cold Rolled Steel Sheet has always been running the business with one belief; that to drive the organization to a sustainable and sturdy achievement does not only require the intention to initiate the excellent performance, but also, simultaneously, the intention to develop and strengthen the society. Therefore, the company realizes that in every minute that counts for the business to grow, we still have the mission of improving quality of life, preserving the environment and being responsible for society as a parallel task. We regard it with high priority to cooperate in taking care of the society, to earnestly and continuously benefit the community in every dimension; education, support on career and income opportunity, support on quality of hygiene and cultures, development on the quality of life, as well as environment restoration. That being said, in 2012 the company has done the following activities;

• Our intention to develop the education

Education is one of the most important factors to the national human resources development. The company is well aware of this truth and has envisioned that a complete education can only be achieved through efficient education system and all-round educational readiness, both in material aspect such as school, educational and teaching utilities and in personnel aspect such as fully capable teachers and educational human resources. If all these requirements are met, we will be able to nurture quality students, who will then certainly grow up into a key resource in developing the prosperity of community and nation in the future. The company, therefore, cooperates with government departments such as Education Office of Prachuap Khiri Khan and government officials to initiate or participate in educational activities to encourage and support the educational development such as follows;

  • Project of steel university for full scope of steel industry
  • The summer camp of bilingual supporting medias
  • Supportive budgets for hiring and improving potentiality of teachers
  • Project of transforming the fertilizer in school
  • Others activities such as Crossword, Drawing, Singing, Rapid Math Competitions, Youth Sport, and Happy Sharing

• Cooperation to create career stability and increase incomes

The strength of society is based on a good livelihood and the peacefulness mutually shared by all of the people living together in the same community, as well as the ability of the community members to generate sufficient incomes to be self-reliant and support each other. Therefore, the company recognizes the vitality of career opportunity, improvement of the living standard of each family in the community, as well as the promotion of knowledge and skills on commodity production to increase incomes margins, especially for agricultural ways of life and career. Besides the supports we have given for career improvement, the company also promotes environment friendly agriculture to maintain ecological balance and, as a related activity, also supports local productivity by cooperating with community offices and local agricultural authorities. The activities in the past years were as follows;

  • Project of mobile community products
  • Project to create careers for community
  • Training of community product improvement
  • Improvement of career knowledge; Fertilizer Bank
  • Project of Garbage Bank
  • Setting up the community congress
  • Project of fish farming

• Promoting health and sanitation and cultural retention

A part of the drive to the improvement of society comes from healthiness of community members. The company prioritizes the organizing of activities and educating community members on health care for different ranges of age. We also support the retaining of good cultures, both in religion and traditional customs, which is yet another fundamental for long-lasting strength and peacefulness of the society. In the past year, the company had held the activities in health and cultures as follows;

  • Bangsaphan Car Free Day
  • Supported the sports for students in Bangsaphan
  • Thailand Iron Man Tri marathon
  • Iron Man Mini marathon for a donation to disability club
  • Project of Health Care for people from different ages
  • Blood Donation to Thai Red Cross
  • Religious activities such as candle procession on the occasion of Buddhist Lent

• Preserving and restoring the environmental resources

Well realizing the relationship between life and the nature, one of the company’s most important missions is to run the business with respect and responsibility to the nature and environment. Hence, the company takes into consideration to control the environment system in production process to the quality standard, in order to minimize any effect to the environment as best as possible. Additionally, we emphasize on continuously creating the consciousness of preserving and restoring the environment and the community’s natural resources by cooperating and participating with SSI group, government offices and other companies as well as people from the community in the following activities;

  • Preserving and developing landscape of Yai Chim Temple
  • Holding activity of cleaning Bangsaphan beach on the occasion of Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday
  • Holding activity of planting mangrove and reintroducing aquatic animals on His Majesty the King’s birthday
  • Project of natural school
  • Youth camp for environment appreciation
  • Project of creating leadership and environment appreciation
  • Planting activity on World Environment Day

Until today, Thai Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Public Company Limited is greatly proud of having been active to contribute to the society by cooperating in creating the quality of life to the community and society. We are determined to firmly commit to our mission of this responsibility in order to sustain the virtue of society and achieve the prosperity to the country continuously.


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