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Message   from   the   President

Thai Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Public Company Limited (“the Company”) intends to conduct business with good governance under the framework of good corporate governance. This includes being responsible for society, environment, and stakeholders in order to maintain transparency and fairness.

In addition, the company is aware of the importance of the corruption issues in Thailand whether it is in the form of direct and indirect corruption such as giving or accepting bribes, paying for convenience, pursuing improper benefits, etc. These are all obstacles to the country’s economic & social development, and also business competition which decrease the confidence from shareholders, community, and all stakeholders.

To be part in solving the corruption issues in the country, the company is determined the declaration of its intention to join the Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coaliation Against Corruption (CAC). The company has already been certified as a member since June 2023.

Therefore, the Company would like to request cooperation from directors, executives, employees, and all stakeholders in joining together to be a part in anti-corruption by strictly complying with laws, policies, codes of conduct, regulations, or practices of the company. Being a supporter or promoting any activities, person, or group of people to commit corruption are prohibited. Observing corruption activities and actions shall not be overpassed. This is in response to the stated intention of the company.

Message from the President for Anti-corruption

Anti-Corruption   Policy

Thai Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Public Company Limited. (“Company”) has realized the importance of Thailand’s corruption problem. As a result, the Company has declared to join Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coaliation Against Corruption (CAC) in order to persuade Directors, Executives, Employees including all stakeholders to involve in an anti-corruption and act in the same direction.

According to this policy “Corruption” means the misuse of power by position, whether direct or indirect actions, for acquiring money, assets, or any benefits for the Company, yourself or the others for example; give or receive bribe, other benefits, intimidate for benefit including, give or receive gift, hospitality, sponsorship, donation, political contribution, facilitation payment, revolving door or conflict of interest with public officer except allowed by law, regulation, announcement, rule, local tradition or trade norm.

The Anti-Corruption Policy is being made to set the standard of actions and the duty of the related person as follows.

1. The Company has a policy against every form of corruption by supporting Directors, Executives, and Employees on every level to realize the importance, manners and enhance an anti-corruption culture.

2. All Directors, Executives, and Employees shall together act against corruption by not process, accept and involve in any forms of corruption including not being a supporter or sponsor of such activity, person or a group that involve in corruption for the sake of themselves, families, friends, relatives, acquaintances or the others.

3. All Directors, Executives, and Employees shall exercise its responsible tasks under the policy, rules and procedures including Thailand and every country Anti-Corruption related laws where Company operated. In the event where any Directors, Executives, and Employees do not obey the Anti-Corruption measure, all shall be punished without exception.

4. The Board of Directors, the Management Committee or other committee who was appointed shall supervise a whole picture of Company’s Anti-Corruption related matter efficiently and expressively act against corruption by being good example for the Company, business alliance and public to follow.

5. Executives shall operate and draft the procedure coherent with this policy for examples: Corruption risk evaluation, In-house controlled process that considered corruption risk of payment, donation, sponsorship, hospitality, gift, or government office contact including communications both internal and external. Moreover, Disclosing the data of Anti-Corruption measures for public to acknowledge and include a safe method of Whistleblowing and Raising Concerns or recommendation in case of corruption.

6. Employees shall not overlook or being silenced about Whistleblowing and Raising Concerns about action that may considered as corruption through the methods provided by the Company. The Company shall provide protection for the witness who has given the information.

7. The Company shall provide justice and protection to the Employee who act against corruption by not lowering their position, punishing, or giving negative effect to them even if such action will lead to the loss of business opportunity for the Company.

8. Every year, the Company shall revise, review and maintain its Anti-Corruption measure and report to the Board of Directors to evaluate its performance, maintain and develop the measure for it to be present.

Any action that violates this policy shall receive the Company’s disciplinary punishment including dismissal in case of necessity. Moreover, anyone who violates this policy may be punished by law if proven to be guilty.

Anti-Corruption Policy Announcement No.43_2023
Anti-Corruption Procedures for Anti-Corruption No.07_2023

Complain   or   Clues   Channels

Any person who found on any action relating to Corruptions can submit complaints through the following channels:
Letter sent to
The Screening Committee
Thai Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Public Company Limited
28/1 Prapawit Building, 5th Floor, Surasak Road,
Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

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